Frequently asked questions

Some canned products require sugar to maintain the flavour, texture and colour of the food and are generally listed in the ingredients as words ending in “ose” such as sucrose and fructose.
If sugar is not listed in the ingredient list, there is no sugar added. Many products, however, contain natural sugars. The amount of total sugars in the product will be stated in the Nutrition Facts Table on the product label.
Salt is often added as a preservative and to also enhance flavour. Consumers who are limiting their sodium intake can compare the sodium content of foods by reading the nutritional facts on food labels to find the sodium in a single serving.
Most canned foods can be kept for up to two years from the date of processing. Canned food does retain its safety and nutritional value well beyond two years but it may have some variation in quality, such as a change of colour and texture. As always, we recommend that any swollen or leaking containers be discarded regardless of age.
Black specks in our pasta soups are simply bran from the wheat that is used to make the product.
Preservatives may be used to maintain food quality when food is being shipped around the world. All of the food additives we use are approved by Health Canada and are continuously monitored for health and safety.
MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is a flavour enhancer that is widely used in many food products, especially soups and sauces.
Look at the top or bottom of the can, the expiry date is the first line of the code.

For example: The first line is BB/MA 2015 JA 05, which means Best Before January 15, 2015.
The second line is our internal production/lot code and begins with EST 142.
Aylmer soups do not contain any traces of peanuts. Always be sure, however, to read the ingredients list each time you purchase.
Once you remove the product from the can, it can be stored in a non-metal, sealable container inside the fridge for 3-4 days.
For a product to be deemed gluten-free, the manufacturing facility is required to follow strict allergen controls to ensure that the offending allergens are not carried from one product to the other.

These are the Aylmer soups that are Gluten-FREE:
• Chicken Broth

These are the Aylmer soups that contain Gluten:
• Beef Broth
• Chicken Noodle
• Cream of Mushroom
• Cream of Mushroom, Low Fat
• Cream of Chicken
• Cream of Celery
• Consommé
• Tomato
• Tomato, Less Sodium
• Vegetable
• Chicken with Rice
Aylmer offers many varieties of soups that are Vegetarian and Vegan suitable. The Aylmer Soups that are Vegan: Tomato and Vegetable. The Aylmer Soups that are Vegetarian: Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Mushroom Low Fat, and Cream of Celery.
Due to the large number of requests we receive for donations, Baxters Canada Inc. is unable to give to all organizations. That’s why Baxters Canada Inc. commits to making a significant donation to one charitable organization each year.
As long as we are still manufacturing Aylmer soups, it will be available for stores to order. Speak to your store manager and ask them to carry it as they ultimately decide which products they carry.
The metal cans used to produce Aylmer soups have steel bodies and ends that are coated with enamel on the interior of the can surfaces. The purpose of the enamel coating is to protect the food from the steel. This coating is usually white in colour however depending on the product a different colour may be used. The enamel is food grade and approved for use in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.
Baxters Canada Inc. is not a Kosher recognized facility.
Our products are made with both Canadian and imported ingredients.
The food colours used in some of our recipes are natural colours.
In some of the soups, we use modified corn starch to improve the texture.
Yeast extract is used in our products to give specific flavour.
To learn more about reading Nutrition Labels, please see below:
Health Canada website